Success in today’s business landscape requires flexibility, control and insight to meet rapidly changing market needs. Time is a vital commodity and always in short supply. Without the ability to make real-time strategic and operational decisions, companies miss a huge competitive opportunity. The enterprise management solutions help optimize your services portfolio and help you respond quickly to dynamically shifting organizational needs
We provide IT consulting services and software development solutions to your enterprise with cost-effective, secure and product efficiency.

Our Expertises

Service management

Tekify solution digitizes and automates the work processes that can double your efficiencies and cut cost by over 50% making your business agile. Our solution breaks the silos and reaches to all your functions (core and non-core), brings every process on same platform and same data model to deliver integrated process and insights.

Asset Management

To be successful and functional, office spaces require property. While some elements are focused on comfort and others are important to performance, they are all recognized as assets that improve the office experience.

With all of these moving parts, asset management software/tool becomes key. This centralized management solution enables businesses to track variables about each asset in real time—a list that includes their location, contract and maintenance details.

Opporturnities and Client Management Solutions

Our solution captures and organizes information from current and prospective customers in an integrated system. All employees gain a single view of prospects and customers, allowing them to better cooperate and coordinate activities.

Why Tekify?

Service Portal
We have a flexible system to adapt 100% kind of services.
Our solution make current customers save 80% time, 60% cost and 50% resources on services operation.

Asset Management System
Our system track everything from laptops to single paper.
Our average client sees an 300% ROI in saved time alone.

CRM tool
All-in-One CRM
Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.
Make the most of solution features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price.