Test Automation can solve the challenges of rapid development cycles and your need to respond to the escalating customer demands while preserving quality. Our Automated testing approaches can empower your business by ensuring precision through rapid, seamless, automated test suites.
With extensive expertise and in-depth domain knowledge across varied industries, we understand your specific needs and provide you with tailor-made automation solutions to suit your project requirements and budget perfectly.

Our Expertises

Automation testing strategy

Taking into account software requirements, development, QA and deployment processes, we build a holistic test automation strategy or an entire test strategy with test automation roadmap as its core. As a part of this, we could:

  • Define the automation scope.
  • Decide on the levels of testing to employ, testing tool and test automation architecture that will bring maximum ROI.
  • Plan test data preparation, test design and development, test maintenance, integration of test automation into CI/CD, etc.
  • Help to align the test automation strategy to the application evolution and business strategies.

Automated UI testing

We plan and design test cases, write and maintain scripts for robust and reliable automated checks of new features and regression testing via UI.

  • 65% of businesses have difficulties with test automation due to rapidly changing applications. Our test architects design an agile test architecture that allows for better test re-use and test maintenance even in case of frequent changes in UI layout and functionality.
  • Our test automation engineers create re-usable high-level application-specific libraries to reduce testing time and costs.

CI/CD pipeline implementation

In cooperation with the DevOps teams, we design and implement the continuous integration pipeline, and integrate continuous testing in it to automatically run test after every change in your software. This helps you to deliver new app features even more quickly and efficiently while not compromising on software quality.

Performance testing

Software performance testing is aimed to ensure the system’s stability and proper functioning under expected, continuous, and stress load.

Tekify’s performance testing experts apply proven tools to validate the solution’s performance metrics and provide an all-around view of its performance.

API testing

We plan and design test cases, develop and maintain scripts to quickly and efficiently validate software functionality via API and check integrations ( Using JMeter, Postman or custom tools).

Why Tekify?

Developer Mindset
We have extensive experience building custom automation solutions to help our clients leverage best-in-class testing strategies.

ROI on Test Automation
We ensure you get the most value through automation. We help you choose which tests will add value if automated and use open-source tools when possible to reduce costs. This, coupled with enhanced delivery speeds makes for a great return on investment.

End-to-End Testing Solutions
Our automated testing services are comprehensive covering the data, API, and UI layers. We look at each for opportunities to automate and ensure testing does not become the bottleneck that slows down delivery.